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Refentse Health Care Giving Programme

REHECAPRO intends to reduce the rate of youth unemployment and the spread of TB, HIV and AIDS by empowering young people through information giving, advice, referral and skills development.

It aims to provide comprehensive support such as counselling, welfare support, crèches and skills training to families directly affected by TB, HIV and AIDS. It also does awareness-raising in the communities it serves.

1 October 2016 - 30 November 2016 View results

SASSA Service Office - Citizen

SASSA Service Office: Themba

Key Challenges Identified
  1. Greater awareness on Regulation 11 – pamphlets to be made available to the community
  2. Public education on the Recourse Mechanism & the EPE bank account: SASSA to offer greater assistance and to discourage people from taking the EPE account
  3. SASSA to increase its outreach activities to inform communities of its services
  4. Provision of clean toilets – to secure portable toilets are available on a daily basis