Community Partner

Lighthouse Community Grouping

Lighthouse Community Grouping hosts several projects such as the Advice Office, Home Based Care, Praise Centre, 24 hour Nursing Care, Youth Development and the Senior Club. The management committee oversees these different projects.

The organisation also focuses on:

  • Protecting the human rights for people living with HIV/AIDS

  • Advocated for good health services for all

  • Social Justice and Labour Law Advice

  • Building community advocacy actions

1 October 2016 - 30 November 2016 View results

SASSA Service Office - Citizen

SASSA Service Office: Lotus River

Key Challenges Identified
  1. Getting assistance to stop the loans
  2. Public education on criteria for different grants
  3. Long waiting periods at the Service Point
  4. Regulation 11 awareness raising
  5. SASSA and CPS officials not wearing name tags or uniform – identification of officials
  6. Green card (EPE bank account) versus SASSA card
  7. Timeframe for complaints lodged