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Mitchells Plain Community Advice and Development Project

The MPCADP was established in 1985 and the registration was done in 2001.

The overall purpose of the MPCADP is the provision of free, basic paralegal, social and economic advice, pro-bono legal services and substance abuse prevention and referral service to the indigent community. Advocacy to facilitate access to government and non-governmental services forms an integral part of our work.

1 October 2016 - 30 November 2016 View results

SASSA Paypoint - Citizen

SASSA Pay Point: Portlands Indoor Centre

Key Challenges Identified
  1. Adequate shelter and comfort at pay points – currently present a health risk in particular to the elderly
  2. Want different grants to be paid on different days
  3. More staff & working ATMs at the pay points
  4. More pay points in Mitchells Plain – one in each of the areas of Mitchells Plain
  5. Clean drinking water to be provided – currently using taps in toilet