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Witzenberg Rural Development Centre

The WRDC is a community based organisation active in Ceres and surrounding farming areas in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. WRDC was established in March 2013 and its registration date is 29 April 2013. It has been a women lead organisation since June 2014.

Its main activities are:

  • Running an Advice Office - offering paralegal advice to people unable to afford the services of a lawyer. This work ranges from issues relating to municipal services, labour law, consumer rights to land rights.

  • Supporting the self-mobilisation of poor people on issues that affect them. This work includes participation in the Witzenberg Partnership, monitoring and ensuring the Indigent Policy of the Witzenberg municipality is known to the community and applied fairly, assisting community members with pre-paid water meter queries.

  • Other areas of work include: Early Childhood Development, Children and Families, Sustainable Livelihoods and developing a community response to combating Substance Abuse and started substance abuse support groups in August 2016 with trained group leaders.

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SASSA / SAPO Card Swap

Witzenberg Municipality

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SASSA Cash Preference

Witzenberg Municipality

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SASSA Paypoint - Citizen

SASSA Pay Point: Ceres Diens Sentrum, Bella Vista Community Hall, Alfred Hamlet Community Hall

Key Challenges Identified
  1. Education on documentation required for grant applications
  2. Awareness raising on Regulation 11
  3. SASSA to spend longer hours with beneficiaries on farms
  4. Service point is too far from the community needing its services
  5. SASSA officials must be able to serve beneficiaries in their mother tongue (Afrikaans/English)
  6. EPE accounts & deductions