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Philakithi Community Service

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Umlazi Q Clinic

Philakithi is a small community based organisation

Philakithi is a small community based organisation based in P Section Ward 87 at Umlazi Township. They serve the people of Wards 87 and 85. The Community Care Givers (CCGs) work on a voluntary basis.

A feeding scheme offers schools 2 meals a day.
A feeding scheme offers schools 2 meals a day. Vulnerable community members, in particular those on chronic medication also benefit from the feeding scheme. The feeding scheme operates Monday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday the CCGs conduct door-to-door home visits where they identify homes in need.

1 June 2015 - 31 July 2015 View results

Health - Citizen

Umlazi Q Clinic

Key Challenges Identified
  1. Clinic hours of operation – want a 24 hour service.
  2. Shortage of medication (eg. de-worming syrup)
  3. Counsellors need training
  4. Staff attitudes need improvement
  5. Clinic committee to be trained and supported so that they function properly, to have regular meetings with the staff and monitor the clinic services.

1 June 2014 - 31 July 2014 View results

Health - Citizen

Umlazi Q Clinic

Key Challenges Identified
  1. Shortage of committee Clinic Committee. 2 of the 10 left.
  2. Patients complain they are not getting all their medication.
  3. Poor ambulance services, long waiting times
  4. Equipment that is not in a good working condition. Examples include: blood pressure machine, scale, maternity equipment.
  5. Long distances clients travel from home to clinic - need to have bus or taxi fare.
  6. Long waiting times
  7. Consent not obtained before examination and treatment.
  8. How to lay complaints at the Clinic
  9. Response to a complaint
  10. Toilets for clients are dirty and broken.
Follow Up on 9 October 2015

Clinic Committee: New members elected, including 2 from Philakithi. Trained by Sash. Committee and staff met in July to discuss this Improvement Plan. Committee is still not operating well and more work is needed. Still not known by the clients.

Nurses dispense medication. Stockouts generally not a problem. Asked that patients be specific about which medications not received.

Ambulance service still poor & being monitored.

Clinic sends equipment to Prince Mshiyeni hospital for repairs - still experiencing long delays.

Distance: Many patients prefer to use this clinic instead of one closest to them.

Waiting time: Being monitored on an ongoing basis.

Patient consent: in-service training provided. Being monitored.

Complaints: community education provided, suggestion box provided, to be written in complaint book with the contact detail of the service user. If beyond the scope of the Clinic must be referred to relevant level.

Toilets: Attended to and being monitored.